"What Kind of Musician is Chris?" - Dr. G. Taylor

I am a highly-capable, motivated, and hard-working artist / educator that earned B.A. Degrees in Music Education and Broadcast Journalism. In addition to my years of music teaching and performing, I am also a technical writer and media producer with experience in broadcast news, aerospace, and ministry. I have fulfilled a variety of roles on media teams, including video/audio editor, live sound tech, live/studio musician, graphics, and publishing (books, newsletters, brochures, and posters).

For your enjoyment and my career advancement, I have posted several of my products on this site. Please take the time to check out my Jazz Arrangements, Praise Guitar Tabs, Lessons, Videos, and Recordings. I used my Adobe Creative Suite and Yahoo Small Business account to build this website from scratch. Some of my favorite programs are Dreamweaver, Premiere, Audition, Cakewalk Sonar, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Lightwave, ProTab, Word, and Excel.


Jazz Arrangements by Chris Cavendish

To function as a professional jazz musician, it is very important to learn the melody and chords to the great standards that were composed by the innovators such as Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, etc... My heart is constantly motivating me to use my unique perspective and skill set to arrange these classics for guitar. As a point of reference, I often base my arrangements on the horn arrangements in the masters' original recordings.

To view my arrangements of these great compositions, you can either scroll down the page or click on the links to open the PDF files for your personal use.

Another dimension of my talents is videography. I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism and experience in several different video environments. My experience includes NBC and FOX affiliates (newsroom & promotions), advertising agency, corporate video production, TV commercials, and full-time Ministry.



Enjoy these samples of recordings I have made over the years. Some are arranged for special events, such as marketing, weddings, etc...

Link to My Audio Player.

Praise Guitar Transcriptions by Chris Cavendish

Many of these were not in the keys of the original recordings. I transcribed them in accordance with the needs of the various Praise Teams I have had the privilege of working with over the years. Most of this collection is from either Morningstar Church (Savannah, GA) or Lakeside Church (Louisville, KY). I pray that some folks will be able to use this sheet music to contribute to positive decisions in people's lives. If you have questions or corrections, definitely email me!

Thank You, Chris Cavendish

You can either click on the button to open the PDF file or scroll down this page to view a select few these transcriptions.

Although I love to play and interact with professional musicians, I have spent most of my musical career as an instructor. I have done most of my private instruction in Clarksville, IN and Summersville, WV. The best way to move forward in your own career is to freely give to your students, and never try to protect your current position on the market. My giving often results in the student reciprocating by getting me new gigs.>

Since 2007, I have used my own book entitled HOW TO ENJOY GUITAR. Please take time to look at this helpful book.

These are a few screenshots of pages from my book

I am interested to hear your compliments and complaints about anything.